- Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  What is the difference between and other charity sites out there?

A.  First off, is focused on charities helping those in/from Kerala.  Secondly, is dedicated to gathering data from many sources and presenting it in a clear and concise manner to help our visitors decide on how they can best help the community.  Finally, in today's digital world, people just don't have the time to write checks and mail them out, so we allow for an electronic method of payment.

Q.  What is the minimum donation that I can give?

A.  Every little bit helps, so even a $1 donation will make a difference.

Q.  Do you accept any payments other than PayPal?

A.  Sorry, at this time we are only able to take PayPal donations.

Q.  So who pays the PayPal fees for each transaction?

A.  At this time, is paying all transaction fees for individual donations under $500USD (we'll call this our contribution to the community).  If in the future this cost becomes too great for us to bear, we will look at other solutions, and we will notify our users of this, via this site.

Q.  Does every penny of my donation go into the hands of the needy?

A.  While we strive to make this a reality, most charities will need to take anywhere from 1% to 10% to account for administrative purposes (paying staff, training, etc).

Q.  How do I add my favorite charity to this site?

A.  We get MANY requests like this each day.  While we would love to help ALL legitimate organizations across the globe, that just isn't feasible.  That being said, if you do have a charity that you'd like to see on our list, please do email us...just don't feel offended if it doesn't make it on the site.

Q.  Is my donation tax deductible?

A.  We are working on this.  The IRS has strict rules around donations needing to be for organizations within the US (and a few nearby countries).  We have our legal team working on possible solutions, but in the meantime please hold onto your electronic receipts and know that you are doing a good thing here by donating.

Q.  Why aren't there churches, temples, etc listed here as places to donate to?

A.  While we certainly agree that religious institutions are a good cause, we are focusing on those truly needy organizations at this time.

Q.  I already give money to one of the charities on here on a regular basis...should I switch and send them via

A.  Absolutely not!  We aren't providing this site to make money, get clicks, etc.  We know that many people do not give to charities within the community because it often isn't very convenient, not because they are unwilling.  We hope to present those people a venue for doing so.